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The Federal Regulation Horse Equipment During the Civil War – “Bit by Bit”

Saddle up for an entertaining ride through the Federal Horse Equipment regulation during the Civil War. Long time collector and Chesapeake Chapter member Patrick Gloyd will go through the entire regulation to explain what was prescribed and how it was used. Patrick will draw on personal observations and the knowledge he has gained in over forty years of collecting so you are almost certain to learn something new. Discover the difference between a bridle, headstall and a halter, a pommel and a cantle, a girth and a surcingle, the near side and the off side, a saddle and a saddle tree and much more. The Union Cavalry was no “two-bit” operation, and as proof, Patrick will also cover all five sizes of curb bits plus the watering bit that saw use in the field! Patrick will have on hand many original examples of the regulation equipment from his collection for examination by the members and will explain the nomenclature associated with each piece. The meeting will be held at Fort Ward Park and will begin at 10:00am. on 27 April 2019 Members are encouraged to bring in Civil War era horse equipment or any items from their collections for show and discussion.

Also…..mark your calendar for the following upcoming meetings…..we have the dates and will be announced in detail prior to the meetings. COL (R.) John Dowdle for 15 June, who will talk on CW special operations and a picnic/luncheon meeting at Dave Harden's in W VA on 27 July ..., At Dave Harden's place on July 27th, we will have the opportunity to fire some vintage military firearms. The event will also feature a collectors' "flea market." Further details will follow. Hope to see you on the 27th of April at Fort Ward Park.

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