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The Basiliscoe Mercury 313

The Basiliscoe Mercury 313

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Cultural - and international - news has been dominated by the fire at Notre Dame and we start with a roundup of that. As a homage, you will find another number of Paris-related items throughout the newsletter. Otherwise a quiet fortnight, some cannon, some maritime archaeology and quite a few stories about ancient arms and armour. Enjoy the Easter break.

Notre Dame Fire

Round up of the news

Treasures saved and lost

Why it is important

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Weapons of the Terracotta army

Chariot and horses in China

Chariots in India

Anglo-Saxon sword mount found in Shropshire

Feature - and new book - on the Anglo-Saxon Pioneer Helmet

1000 year old helmet found in Belarus - pictures!

The lure of special swords
Beasts of assorted varieties - all mythical this week…

Here be dragons…

And Unicorns

Grave stories

Update on Egypt’s mummies in the Tomb of the Warriors - gory read!

Investigating 1637 massacre in New England

Castles, forts and battlefield

In Kirkwall, Orkney they were repaving Castle Street - guess what they found?

Walmer Castle’s lost garden restored

Update on the future of Culloden field

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Short article on cannon in India; I would take the "locally made" with a pinch of salt, since the gun in the front is definitely European and probably English

Old Swedish cannon fired in Capetown - the age needs a large pinch of salt!

Eiffel’s miniature cannon comes up for sale

Three German WWI Cannon to be restored

Café Basiliscoe

Street food in Pompeii

And a glass of scotch


Leonardo’s war machines

Article about hidden references to the US Civil War in 19th century art

Princesses and Amazons

Was the Polish general a lady?

And other women at war

Into the 20th century

Interesting article on a Scottish family in WWI

Nautical news

16th century copper wreck found off the Netherlands

Update on the Esmerelda

Short audio feature on the discovery of the Vasa

Update on the San Jose

Update on the search for the Bonhomme Richard - spoiler alert - stalemate….

Search for the last American slave ship

Latest from the Franklin expedition

Museum news and exhibitions


Update on the causes of the Brazil museum fire – too late to help Notre Dame!

How the US government shutdown affected the Smithsonian’s visitors

How visitors come to the V&A Dundee and stayed on to see other attractions

Museum developments

Funding special exhibitions

Museum musings

Imperial War Museum launches season of War and Culture


The Buckhead gun

The possible Van Gogh pistol to go on sale

The camera from the Great Escape

Exhibitions - lots of reasons to visit Paris…

Chivalric art in Paris

Henry II in Paris

Madame de Maintenon at Versailles

Picasso and War in Paris

Siege of Baler, Philippines, in Toledo

French officers in the American Revolution


Henri II à Saint-Germain-en-Laye - Une cour royale à la Renaissance -

Brian G. Awty: Adventure in Iron: The blast furnace and its spread from Namur to northern France, England and North America, 1450-1640; a technological, political and genealogical investigation

Online Book

Jeremy Green on Carronade Island…

Popular culture

Medievalists and Games of Thrones

Victor Hugo and Notre Dame

And the novel in French and English translation


Diary Dates

Easter in Vienna

Events at Les Invalides

Events in Scotland 2019

19 – 22 April jousting in Leeds


10 May 2019 Leeds
The heart of the art of combat - exploring medieval manuscript I.33

Calls for papers

September 2019 Kyoto
ICOMAM 2019 Conference, Kyoto (Japan)

Sales, fairs and auctions

I May 2019 London
The Marine Sale

I May 2019 Edinburgh
The Sporting Sale

20– 24 May 2019
Hermann Historica

Thomas del Mar dates for 2019
25 June & 4 December 2019

News of Heritage Auctions next sale

Websites and downloads

1066 etc girl knights, clerical knights & torture


This fortnight I will be tweeting from our recent trip to the Netherlands

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 18 April 2019

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