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Basiliscoe Mercury 315

The Basiliscoe Mercury 315

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Exciting prospects from the Met for the autumn, a new sword for Malta, new museum of the Civil War in Richmond and books on medieval effigies and a Dutch wreck. Don’t forget this is Museum week, culminating in Night in the Museums.

Arms and armour in the news

Grave stories

Update on Poland’s prehistoric massacre

Investigating the site of Glencoe’s massacre

Interesting article on the coronation of the King of Thailand

Courtly life

Article about jousting

Stories from the Tudor court

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Chinese gunpowder and grenades

Update on the buried guns of Fort Cornwallis

Capetown’s disappearing gun

Ramadan cannon firing

Muskegon, Michigan, WW2 warship gets anti-aircraft Bofors gun

World Heritage

Chinese warrior buried with jade weapon excavated

Update on the story of Captain Cook’s shield


Trouble with medieval history

Heritage Malta received new sword for display

British 1812 fort found in Florida

Nautical news

Update on the search for Cortes’ ships

New thoughts on the Mary Rose

Searching for HMS Beagle’s anchors

A tour of the HMS Victory

Museum news and exhibitions


England’s museums outside London in crisis

New museums

New gallery for the Anglo-Saxon Prittlewell prince at Southend Museum

American Civil War Museum opens in Richmond

Museum developments

Singing the First World War at Doncaster’s museums

Museum musings

Update on the status of Confederate statues

Museums in a changing world

Faking the renaissance

Conservation corner

Blacksmiths in ancient Africa

Find the cupid in Vermeer’s painting


Feature on the guns of the Indiana War Memorial

Feature on the demise of Remington

And the rise of Swedish rivals

Saddle axe for sale


Exciting news this autumn and winter at the Met:

Sebald in Norwich

Turner in the North at Berwick on Tweed - lots of ruined castles

African blacksmiths in Washington


Brian Gittos & Moira Gittos: Interpreting Medieval Effigies: The Evidence from Yorkshire to 1400

Online Book

J. Opdebeeck, T. Coenen & A. Vos: Palmhoutwrak: een venster naar de gouden eeuw

Popular culture

Hadrian’s Wall in cartoons

Combining modern art and veteran’s experiences

Thoughts on Tolkien the Movie


Events at the Historial

May Museum Nights - check locally for events in the museums in your area! Here’s the UK’s umbrella site

And here’s a selection of other places

Diary dates

6 June 2019 Lecture at the Arms and Armour Society
Classical Japanese Swordsmanship - Separating Legend, and Myth from fact
Neil Grigg


3 June 2019 Cambridge
Do Not Touch? 3D in Museums

Calls for papers

September 2019 Kyoto early bird booking running out
ICOMAM 2019 Conference, Kyoto (Japan)

Sales, fairs and auctions

20– 24 May 2019
Hermann Historica

23 May 2019 London
Antique Arms and Armour

23 May 2019 London
Modern Sporting Guns

Thomas del Mar dates for 2019
25 June & 4 December 2019

News of Heritage Auctions next sale

Websites and downloads

Website of the new American Civil War Museum

Woolwich Antquarians have their own new website

The Georgian Papers project

1066 etc Mounted infantry, Trolls & the Poetic Edda


We are putting together the next ICOMAM MAGAZINE. If you or your institution have anything that the arms and armour community would be interested in, let us know. You can see the previous editions here:

This fortnight I will be tweeting pictures from Northumberland

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 13 May 2019

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