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Basiliscoe Mercury 320

The Basiliscoe Mercury 320

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Main stories are the wonderful Iron Age helmet from Sussex and the jaw-dropping pictures from the latest Baltic wreck. Summer has finally arrived, so as befits the holiday Bazzy, free books, exotic locations and films for the rainy days. Enjoy the summer wherever you are.

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms

Fascinating piece about a bronze Iron Age helmet from Sussex

A history of the long bow

Tourism and Hadrian’s Wall

Beasts of assorted varieties…

Brown bears of Britain

Grave stories

Identifying a Slavic woman warrior in a Viking graveyard

The life and brutal death of Rosemarkie man

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Update on investigations at Břeclav Castle

Piece about the Lewis chessman, with a Norwegian slant

Digging at Shrewsbury Castle

Exploring the Templars’ Paris

From the front

Investigating the evidence and artefacts of the 1099 siege of Jerusalem

Piece on the Battle of Grunewald

Latest finds from Waterloo

Through the gunloop…

Piece about Fort Shirley, Dominica

Feature on Fort George, Grenada - with cannons…

Feature on Jamrud Fort, near the Khyber Pass

A chance to buy a Martello tower in Suffolk

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Story about the Wirral’s one o’clock gun

Feature on Jaivana, the giant gun at Jaigarh Fort, Jaipur

Has a Jacobite cannon been found in Lochaber? No, it’s a garden ornament…

Alamo cannon up and mounted

Cannon on Fort Christiansvaern, Virgin Islands to be conserved

Moving RML cannons in Raj Bhavan, Mumbai, India

IEDs in the US Civil War

Woodman Museum’s civil war cannon restored

Café Basiliscoe

Last meal in Pompeii

A dram of Aberdeen whisky

How to make medieval beer

Medieval cooks


Crossing the Alps in armour

Henry VIII and the Moon landing

Does Japan’s imperial sword exist?

Princesses and Amazons

Joan of Arc in the English imagination

Queen Victoria

Valkyries for today

Nautical news

Uncovering the ships under Oslo​

Detailed photos of c. 1500 shipwreck in the Baltic Sea released

An unsurprising choice for Alexzandra Hildred’s favourite painting!

Update on work on the London

Update on the search for wrecks in the York River

Feature on the slave wreck project

Patrol boat USS Eagle PE-56 sunk in 1945 found off the Maine.

Museum news and exhibitions


Generous funding for Worcester Art Museum

Feature on the Cloisters

Mystery of the Boston museum heist

New museums

Feature on the rebirth of Kabul Museum, Afghanistan

New museum for Benin

Refurbishment and new displays at Richmond Castle

Museum developments

British library using wax cylinders for pacific cultures

Putting the ghosts back into Buckingham Palace


Feature on the weapons of the American Revolution

Peninsular war medal sold


Future exhibition on orientalism at the BM

Queen Victoria at Buckingham Palace

Van Eyck in Vienna

Fireworks in Washington


Das Schwert – Gestalt und Gedanke / The Sword – Form and Thought –(second edition)

Kelly DeVries & Niccolò Capponi: Castagnaro 1387-Hawkwood’s Great Victory

Freydal - Medieval Games: The Book of Tournaments of Emperor Maximilian I

Chris McNab: Weapons of the US Special Operations Command

Online Books
William Dalton: Will Adams, The First Englishman in Japan

Stephen Turnbull: Katana: The Samurai Sword

William St. John Hope et al: Pageant of the birth, life and death of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, K.G., 1389-1439

Léon Robert: Catalogue des collections composant le Musée d'artillerie en 1889

RAM 255: De bouwgeschiedenis van kasteel Duurstede (gem. Wijk bij Duurstede): nieuw licht op een oud onderzoek.

Reports online from the York Archaeological Trust

Popular culture

Make your own Song Armour

Horrible Histories: The Movie - Rotten Romans

Beowolf at the movies

The Last Duel cinema bound?


Summer at the Wallace Collection

What’s on in Edinburgh

Summer at Skokloster

Summer events

Diary Dates

1 Aug 2019 Arms and Armour Society meeting


September 2019 Kyoto ICOMAM 2019 Conference, Kyoto (Japan)

16-17 November 2019 Portsmouth
The Nautical Archaeology Society and the Ordnance Society
Wooden Walls and Stone Bastions

Sales Fairs and auctions

26 August Gleneagles

Websites and downloads

The Sultan’s gift to Napoleon III

Cannons on Rhodes

1066 etc: Crusades


This fortnight we tweeted a visit to Dunstanburgh and North Shields

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 31 July 2019

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