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The Basiliscoe Mercury 321

The Basiliscoe Mercury 321

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

All sorts of stories today; skeleton from Prague, a trebuchet stone from Wales, Spanish armour, a cannon in Vietnam and Islamic horses. New museums in Paris and Suffolk, and ideas how to spend the last weeks of summer- when it stops raining….

Arms and armour in the news

Battles, towers and forts

Repairing Exeter’s Roman wall

York’s Roman gate to be excavated

Maya and total war - not a video game…
Beasts of assorted varieties…

Hogs in cities are now apparently a thing

Grave stories

The skeleton of Prague castle - a fascinating read

Death of Richard III
On the Medieval Frontlines

A visit to the Battle of Visby Gallery in Stockholm

What’s the point of battles in the Middle ages?

Toby Capwell talks about the armour in a painting - video

Horse armour in the medieval Islamic world

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Princely finds from Belarus

Possible trebuchet stone found at Hay Castle, Powys

Digging up Auckland castle

Gendering the castle

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Ottoman round shot found in Danube

Bronze cannon dug up in Vietnam

Update on the two MRLs found in Mumbai last year and a new museum

Lincoln Castle’s cannon gets its carriage repaired

WWI Howitzer for Brantford, Ontario

The history of ballistics

Venetian walls in Nicosia collapsing

Feature on Fort George

Living in the past

Jousting goes high tech

Feature on re-enactors

Café Basiliscoe

Anglo-Saxon feasts - boar and venison

And sourdough bread of the Pharaohs

Washed down with Wine of the crusaders

Or something a little more explosive…wine and gunpowder…


Medieval alabaster and its uses

Sideplate from trade gun found in Fort Michilimackinac

Princesses and Amazons

Women at war

Short piece about Jeffrey Hudson, Queen’s jester, and his dwarf armour

Into the 20th century

Last urban WWI tank still on display - in Ashford, Kent

WW2 Spitfire flies off on world tour

Nautical news

VOC ship Haarlem lost 1647 off South Africa discovered?

Background to the Franklin Expedition

Searching for HMS Beagle

Submarine USS Grunion’s bow found

Museum news and exhibitions


No more spontaneous visits to the Louvre...

Museum loans

New museums

New museum on the Paris Liberation

New museum and visitor experience at Sutton Hoo

Visiting the newly refurbished Cody Museum

New slavery museum for London?

Museum developments

Museums, security and facial recognition technology

Immerse yourself in Da Vinci

Museum musings

Japan and Korea – culture gets in the way

UK’s best seaside museums

Conservation corner

Armour alert! The Virgin and Child with Saints by Giovanni Martini da Udine back on display:

Restoring the Isenheim altarpiece

Importance of Carbon 14 as a tool


Objects & museums for Peterloo

Confederate general's Colt gun for sale

Guns stolen from Conception Bay Museum, Newfoundland


Highlights from the Old Masters of Dresden go on show during renovations

Tartan and the Highlands in Edinburgh


Bill Harriman: The Arisaka Rifle

Books on the Cold war

Latest catalogue from Ken Trotman

Online books

Stone Castles

Swash Channel Wreck Conservation Statement and Management Plan


Summer events

Diary dates

5 Sept 2019 Arms and Armour Society meeting


September 2019 Kyoto ICOMAM 2019 Conference, Kyoto (Japan)

16-17 November 2019 Portsmouth
The Nautical Archaeology Society and the Ordnance Society
Wooden Walls and Stone Bastions

Sales, fairs and auctions

26 August Gleneagles

Websites and downloads

The National Swedish Museums of Military History

1066 etc: Crusades, Gawain & Breton lays


This fortnight I’ll be tweeting pictures from London

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 20 August 2019

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