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Basiliscoe Mercury 322

The Basiliscoe Mercury 322

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

Arms and armour in the news

Almost the end of summer now. Still a surprising number of weapons rising from the waters! Otherwise, forts around the world, stunning pictures from inside HMS Terror, and even a new Pictish stone. Winter is coming…

Ancient arms

Neanderthal tools found under Polish castle

Arrowheads from Babylonian forces found in Jerusalem

Roman arrowheads found in North Israel

What is coming out of the melting glaciers…

Beasts of assorted varieties…

Pictish stone with hunting scenes found in Easter Ross

Pictures of Czech stud farm

Grave stories

Warrior and his family found in Russia

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Kent council buys a castle

Latest from Shrewsbury Castle and its finds

Forts and cannon

Looking for a lost colonial fort in Maine

Feature on Fort Wellington, Prescott, Canada

Chatham, Kent, Canada: Tecumseh Park cannon hit by vandalism (looks like an ordinary Blomefield to me rather than a Russian piece)

Finds from Kunhali Marakkar India - don’t get excited….

Rains wash away Bekal fort in India

Looking for a lost colonial fort in Maine

Future of Pakistan’s Umarkot fort discussed


Napoleon in the Middle East

St Helena is looking for a Napoleon

Café Basiliscoe

Renaissance beer from Bohemia


The latest-sword-in-the-lake – anyone else smell a rat?

But this spearhead from a lake in Poland is much more convincing

Musket balls from the Alamo

Coin hoard throws light on post-Hastings England

Lessons for capitalism from the East India Company

Princesses and Amazons

Jane Seymour heading towards National Portrait gallery

Gown of Queen Elizabeth goes on show

The hat of a Welsh heroine

The history of decorative metallic threads

Into the 20th century

Russian troops still finding Japanese armaments

Nautical news

Update on the discovery and dig of the Norwegian ship burial

More on the background and search for the Haarlem

Features on Slave-ships Wrecks Project

Update on the Franklin Expedition - lots of exciting pictures

Liverpool’s lost blockade runner gets protection

Museum news and exhibitions


Treasures you will find in Kyoto’s museums - including armour

New museums

British Museum plans to put its stores on display

Museum developments

Medieval mechanics for all the family

Museum musings

Remembrance in Germany comes under attack

Conservation corner

Dahl’s ladies regain their legs


Japanese armour and other objects in Dunfermline

The cannons at Derry/Londonderry

Art between 19th century wars in Copenhagen

Wenceslas in Prague


Bill Harriman: The Arisaka Rifle

Online Book

The Bronze Bell Wreck

Popular culture

Anime and the Mongol invasion

Looks like armour is back in fashion

Reviewing Troy after 15 years

Discussing medieval crime genre


Diary dates

5 Sept 2019 Arms and Armour Society meeting


16-17 November 2019 Portsmouth
The Nautical Archaeology Society and the Ordnance Society
Wooden Walls and Stone Bastions

Websites and downloads

War and Trade - of interest for the Dutch, Asian scholars and naval specialists

Estonian State Maritime Museum - Meremuuseum

1066 etc: Robin Hood, Dublin Vikings & the Samanid dynasty


This fortnight I tweeted dogs and cannon

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 31 August 2019

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