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Basiliscoe Mercury 325

The Basiliscoe Mercury 325

The Internet newsletter for the arms and armour community

New information on the Staffordshire Hoard, gladiator fresco, lots of news from battlefields, a play set in a museum in Baghdad and a lot of Maximilian-related content for the Met.

Arms and armour in the news

Ancient arms and forts

Ancient dagger goes on display in the Abu Dhabi Louvre

2,500 years old sword of Goujian from China

Fascinating and beautiful fresco of two gladiators uncovered in Pompeii

More on the recently found Roman military site in Exeter

Update on the Staffordshire Hoard and its original owner

Arrowhead found in Norway; nice pictures and story
Beasts of assorted varieties…

The last mammoth…

Princesses and Amazons

Dressing like a Viking - warning contains fur…

And yet another piece about Viking women warriors

Through the arrow-slit . . .

Excavations at Pontefract castle - bring your own trowel…

Revisions to the York’s Clifford tower visitor experience
Miscellany- mainly Maximillian

Maximilian’s armour

Maximilian’s use of propaganda

Portrait of Richard III goes on display at Hever

Cannons to the left, cannon to the right

Video from Vienna: Der "Pumhart von Steyr”

Research into Admiral Duncan’s bronze guns

Royal Canadian Artillery get 105 mm Howitzer artillery - it’s quite a story

Kolaba Fort, India: gun carriages in Indian fort damaged - photo of cannon and marigolds

Sri Lankan fort falls into disrepair

Back to the front

Where was the battle of Bruhnanburh

Gun that started the American Revolution up for sale

Update on this season’s work at the Alamo

Development of the hard hat

Into the 20th century

Latest soldiers to be reburied in Flanders

Tapes of D Day broadcasts preserved

Nautical news

Update on the San José,

Museum news and exhibitions


Interview with the CEO of the RAF Museum

Update on the Louvre’s ticket policy

UK government gives English museums investment commitments

Museum musings

Museums today

Conservation corner

Who stole the Caravaggio?

Arms manufacturing and technology

St Albans cathedral restored to colour


Treasures from Westminster Abbey to go on view

Birmingham gallery gets funding for Crivelli show in 2021

Kimonos coming to V&A next year

All Hogarth’s painting series shown together

East meets West In London

Stamford Raffles and his collecting in London

George Stubbs in Milton Keynes

Fine arms and armour at Paris

Rembrandt and Velazquez in Amsterdam

Rubens in Toronto

Review of the Maximilian exhibition at NY


The Art of Fencing: The Discourse of Camillo Palladini

More on the new books about the Staffordshire Hoard

Round up of recent books on 20th century warfare

Publications from Paris

Online Book

Ballistics Journal

Shared Heritage: Joint responsibilities in the Management of British Warship Wrecks Overseas

Popular Culture

New play set in Bagdad Museum

Korean comfort women still provoking trouble in Japan


Diary Dates

Museum events

7 November Arms and armour society
Talk by David Edge


16-17 November 2019 Portsmouth
The Nautical Archaeology Society and the Ordnance Society
Wooden Walls and Stone Bastions

23 November 2-19 Raglan
Symposium: Raglan Castle

Sales Fairs and auctions

Brochure for Hermann Historica 11-20 November 2019

Websites and downloads

Jan Verbruggen gets his own website

1066 etc: Jihad, Phillip II & Burgundian art


This fortnight I tweeted pictures from the Baltic - a lot of the Vasa….

Compiled by Ruth Rhynas Brown – 15 October 2019

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