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North Russia Expedition -

WWI Victory Medal w/ service clasp inscribed "Russia" authorized for service Nov 12, 1918 to Aug 5, 1919. Months of fighting and dying in Russia before Armistice Day were specifically unacknowledged by US government.
Units involved: 339th Inf Reg 85th Div, 310 Eng Reg (1st Bn), 337th Ambulance Co, 337th Field Hospital, 167th and 168th Cos North Russia Transportation Corps.

May 24 - Allied troops occupy Archangel to avert possiblity of stockpiled arms and munitions falling into unfriendly hands. 56 sailors from USS Olympia participate.
Jun 11 - 150 US Marines land in North Russia.
Aug 3 - Sailors from Olympia go ashore to serve as legation guards. 25 sailors, as part of "B Force", engage in initial US action of the expedition in Archangel's railyards.
Sept 4 - US forces in the American North Russian Expeditionary Force (ANREF) - 339th Inf Reg - land at Archangel. Total: 5,108 men plus 720 railway engineers.
Sept 11-16 - Two platoons of Co M make initial contact with Red Guards. Cos L and I suffer 3 KIA and 2 WIA.
Sept 15-30 - US forces set up defensive perimeter connecting eastern and western shores of White Sea. Known as the "Railroad Front". US suffers 48 KIA and 58 WIA.
Nov 11-14 - "Battle of Armistice Day". Along the Archangel front at Toulgas, Allies suffer 28 KIA and 70 WIA, Russians suffer over 300 KIA.

Jan 19 - "Battle of Ust Padenga". Cos A and C and elements of 310th Eng are attacked. US suffers 27 KIA.
Mar - April 5 - "Battle of Bolshie Ozerki". Last major US engagement of expedition. Allies withstand simultaneous frontal and rear assaults during Reds largest offensive. Cos D and M and elements of Co E fortify blockhouses at Vaerst 18. Co H holds town's outskirts. Allies inflict 2000 enemy casualties.
May 30 - Last official ANREF formation is held on Memorial Day.
Jun 27 - Expedition ends, last US troops depart.

Total US casualties: 144 KIA, 305 WIA, 81 dead from disease, 19 dead from accidents.


Siberia Expedition -

Units involved: 27th Inf Reg, 31st Inf Reg (Polar Bears), D Co 53rd Telegraph Bn, Evacuation Hospital 17, Medical Supply Depot 7, 4th Field Hospital, 4th Ambulance Co, US Russian Railway Service Corps.

Jun 29 - Aug 28 - US Marine detachment from USS Brooklyn lands at Vladivostok to safeguard US Consulate.
Aug 4 - First elements of American Expeditionary Forces, Siberia (SEF) land at Vladivostok.
Aug 15 - 9000 US troops from Philippines and fillers from 8th Inf Div move inland from Vladivostok.
Aug 29 - 40-man detachment from Cos F and G, 27th Inf Reg, is ambushed by Chinese bandits at Razdolnoe in the Amur River Valley.

Jun 22 - First overt hostile act taken against US troops. 5 US soldiers are captured by Reds. 110 men of Co M, 31st Inf Reg sent to rescue are ambushed at Novitskaya. US suffers 5 KIA.
Jun 25 - "Battle of Romanovka". 72 men of 3rd Platoon, Co A, 31st Inf Reg, are attacked by several hundred Reds. US suffers 24 KIA, 25 WIA. Three squads of Co F, 27th Inf Reg, attacked by Reds and bandits at Kraefski. Remainder of Co F is ambushed same day at Shmakovka. US suffers 6 WIA.
Jul - Aug - "Suchan Valley Campaign". Five companies of 31st Inf Reg launch three-pronged attack to clear valley of Reds. Sailors from USS Albany and USS New Orleans occupy hostile villages. 500 enemy guerillas KIA.
Aug 7 - 40 men of Co H decimate band of 30 partisans at Novo Litovoskaya.

Jan 9 - 39-man platoon of Co M, 27th Inf Reg, is attacked by Cossack armored train. Last US combat. US suffers 2 KIA, 2 WIA.
Apr - US troops depart. Japanese troops take control of Vladivostok three days after Americans leave.

Total US casualties: 48 KIA (36 by Bolsheviks and 12 by Cossacks), 52 WIA. Sickness and accidents claim 122.


Info taken from "World War I: America's Role 1917-1918", VFW Magazine 2004, special supplement.

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