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[WW I] Italy

After posting the information on the Russian campaigns to answer a previous question, I found info on another less-known interesting American sidelight in WWI - the Italian Campaign.

Info taken from "World War I: America's Role 1917-1918", VFW Magazine 2004 special supplement.


Italian Campaign -

Units involved: 332nd Inf Reg, 83rd Inf Div, 331st Field Hospital, American Ambulance Service, Army/Navy Aviators.

Jun 28 - First US troops arrive, sent to bolster Italian morale on Austro-Hungarian Front.
Jul 25 - 332nd Inf Reg arrives.
Jul 28 - 331st Field Hospital arrives.
Sept 16 - Co E 332nd Inf Reg moves to the front near the Varage salient along the Piave River.
Oct 24 - Nov 4 - "Battle of Vittorio Veneto". 2nd Bn, 332nd Inf Reg, defeats Austrians at Gravo di Papdopoli on Nov 3. Armistice in Italy declared Nov 4, one week earlier than France.

Total casualties: no info

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