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[Gen'l Info] Beginning research assistance request

I have found your organization on the Internet while beginning research on the following: My mother has in her possession three (3) original enlistment documents dating from the early 1800s. They are the appointments of a Silas Wood (my long deceased maternal grandmother's maiden name was Wood; born Poughkeepsie, NY c. 1890s) to the positions of ensign, lieutenant and captain in the New York First Regiment. Each of these papers was signed by an official, one of which is De Witt Clinton.

My first instinct is that they are of some historical interest to the proper organization, museum, or research institution.

Can anyone suggest a place to start to research to whom these documents would be most valuable or appreciated, and who would very properly preserved them? (My interest here is mostly the proper preservation of the documents, access by researchers and others, etc.)

Any assistance or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.

Peter Jamieson

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[Gen'l Info] Beginning research assistance request
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