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Re: [Civil War] Civil War discharges

The Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas has the following information only for Andrew Colton:
Residence Wathena, Kansas
Enlisted on Sept. 4, 1863
Mustered into Company I, 15th Kansas Cavalry on Oct. 14, 1863.
Mustered Out: Oct. 19, 1865

Compiled Military Service Records
for Andrew M. Colton show that he was mustered into Company G, 44th MO Infantry.
No date of discharge or place of residence given.
Civil War era discharges were usually one copy records and the soldier was given that copy but they usually only have the information above, most of which you have. You should contact the National Archives and ask for (or perhaps there is one on their website) a copy of "National Archives Order For Copies of Veterans Records". You will need a copy for each man. You have the required information and can provide regiment name and number etc. There are two types of records
Military: lists facts about him usually every three months. Where he was, sick, wounded etc.
Pension: Very good for genealogical information. Lists children, wife, when married and when died etc.
You can order one or both for each man. Good luck with your project!

Clarence G. Anspake, Jr.

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