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[WW II] Billy Kinder: Company E, 324th Infantry


I am sorry to bother you but was wondering if you could give me some much needed advice. I am very stumped. I have no idea where to go or who I should turn to.

I am basically looking to retrace my grandfathers steps thru Europe during WWII. I am hoping to organize a family trip thru Europe to actually retrace his steps.

My grandfather is deceased and I have very few of his military documents. What I have consists of separation qualification record, a discharge document, and enlisted record and report of separation.

I have sent in SF 180 in an attempt to obtain further documentation.

He was a member of Company E, 324th Infantry, from Comanche Oklahoma. His date of induction was April 13, 1944. He participated in Battle of the Bulge (North Apennienes, Rhineland, and Central Europe).

He was awarded WWII Victory Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, EAME Theater Ribbon, Three Bronze Service Stars, Croiz de Guere with Palm and Fourragere Govt of France Order 1286.

But as you can probably tell, I have no idea what any of this means.

I was just wondering if you had any ideas about how a person like me could get started learning about my incredible grandfather.

I am a female lawyer who really knows very little about the military.

I know that this is a deficiency on my part and would like to make it up to all the veterans who gave so much for this country in at least educating myself on the sacrifice given by so many.

My entire family is from Oklahoma. I am a third generation Sooner!! Knowing you are a fellow sooner, I knew you wouldn't be to irritated with my random questions.

Any guidance you could provide, would be an incredible help!!!

Thanks again for taking the time if nothing more than to read my email!!!

Again thank you for all you have done to preserve my freedom!!!

Jennifer Anne Kinder
Attorney at Law
4800 West Lovers Lane #520
Dallas, Texas 75209

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