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Re: [Gen'l Info] location of files and mementos


Alas, the byzantine and icestous relationship of our regiments and their compnonent parts rears its ugly head.

Co. F, 40th Armor was originally, Co. F, 4th Armored Regiment, 3rd AD.

It was absorbed into the 40th Tank Battalion, 7th AD and then became the 40th Amphib Tractor Bn. .

This unit was redesignated the 40th heavy Tank Bn., 4th ID and then the 6th Medium Tank Bn. 40th Armor.

Eventually it became Co. F, 40th Armor and was assigned to the Berlin Brigade.

So, I count 3 divisions and one brigade where there may be traces of this outfit. Six iterations of its organizational history may lead to paydirt.


James B> Ronan II

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[Gen'l Info] location of files and mementos
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