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[Gen'l Info] USS UNITED STATES Foundation

USS UNITED STATES, First Ship of the Confederate Navy has representation.

My name is Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr. and I am the Founder & President of the USS UNITED STATES Foundation. Since 03 September 1978 I have been gathering historical and construction data on the first ship of war of this country; the frigate USS UNITED STATES.

USS UNITED STATES was acquired at Norfolk when the yard was captured by the Confederacy during the outbreak of the American Civil War.

I am hoping to build a full-scale seaworthy replica of this grand old frigate by 2012. Most of the legwork is complete. It is time to build the ship as a fully operational sailing, working museum.

For more information please contact me at: I am at your service
Edward C. Zimmerman, Jr.
Founder & President

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