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Re: [Mexican War] 6th US Regt. Band


The below extract is from the 1839 uniform regulations.It is from the US Army Center of Military History and is available on line.

What exactly are you looking for? The 4th Infantry band wore red chevrons and trouser stripes, 1847-1902. They commemorated there service in the battle of Monterey.Is it something like that?

Regimental records, particularly those generated at the regiment's headquarters may have the information you seek.

22. Uniform of the non-commissioned officers, musicians, and privates of the Infantry.
The same as that for the artillery, excepting the facings and trimmings, which will be white; plume white.
23. Bands.
A band will wear the uniform of the regiment or corps to which it belongs.
The commanding officer may, at the expense of the corps, sanctioned by the council of administration, make such additions in ornaments as he may judge proper.
Note.óNon-commissioned officers and privates, as well as musicians, who shall have served faithfully for the term of five years, shall be permitted, as a mark of distinction, to wear a chevron on the sleeves of their coats, above the elbow, points up; and an additional chevron on each arm for every additional five years of faithful service. And those who served in the war, shall have the addition of a red stripe on each side of the chevron.

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