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[Gulf War] notebook

I have a classroom notebook that belonged to an Iraqi soldier during Desert Storm. it was taken from him and I ended up with it. Since it is in arabic? it is not easy to find too much out about it, but I do know, that the original owner may have been a Kurd who joined the Iraqi Army, was sent to school, or classes to become a Sniper. At least 3 people had written in this book, with 2 of them being instructors of some of the classes that he had taken.
From what I understand, some of the classes taught him about troop movement, tanks, radio communication and day/ night shooting.
What I'd like to know, is this type of item worth keeping, and should I try to have it translated to english, if possible?
Please email me at if anyone can give me more info.
joe skidmore

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[Gulf War] notebook
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