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[WW I] photo - need further info

My husbands grandfather served in WWI. We have the photo of what I believe to be his batillion but have been unable to find reference to anything listed on the photo.
It has passed to my husband as his father was in WWII and my husband served in Vietnam. The family felt it should stay in the hands of one who had served their county rather than one of the others who would attempt to make a quick buck out of the outstanding photograph.
I have kept it in the original frame but have changed all backing with acid free paper to stop any further deteriotion. It is in remarkable shape considering no one prior to myself had removed the original matting and backing. No large brown spots, all the faces so very clear, the dough boy hats so perfectly placed btw the feet of the front sitting row of soldiers.
The top of the photo has writing on it that appears to be in white - I'm uncertain if that's how it was produced or if the white lettering is from acid damage.
It reads:

Top left:

9th BTNG. R-tc
Camp Lee, VA
Dec - 1919 or possibly 1918

Top right:
Keystone Photo Co.
Petersburgh, Va.

The photo measures 8" in height and 45" in lenght.

Any and all information is apprecaited. I am creating a wall with the medals and certificates from the family and need further info for this piece.

Thank you for your time and the opportunity to contact someone who may have the knowledge I need.

Lynette Carothers

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[WW I] photo - need further info
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