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[Mexican War] Translation of a 1846 French diary (manuscript)

The staff of Palo Alto Battlefield in Brownsville, Texas has the manuscript diary of Jean-Louis Berlandier (1805-1851), written in French which they would like to translate into English. The task would require someone familiar with mid-19th-century military French terminology, as well as the ability to read the handwriting of someone educated in France in Napoleonic times. This three-month diary contains roughly 190 pages at 8x4 inches (20 x 10 cm).

Captain Berlandier was a French naturalist and physician who lived in northern Mexico from 1826 until his death. He served General Mariano Arista as a chief of staff in the opening northern campaigns of the U.S.-Mexican War. He produced the first sketch maps depicting the battle of Palo Alto.

If you know of someone who has the interest and the background knowledge to tackle this project, please e-mail me at Harpers Ferry Center.

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