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[Uniforms] Repop or original items required//POC

I am the curator for a USMC museum in Harrison AR, the Marine Corps Legacy Museum. We are a non-profit organization, and winner of the Marine Corps Historical Foundation's 2003 Col. John Magruder award for excellance in presenting USMC history in a museum setting.

In an attempt to round out various displays for our expansion, we are looking for sources of USMC Officer and Enlisted Dress Helmets, Field Hats,khaki and white Frame Caps (Bell) and foot wear back to the American Civil War.

We also need sources for Lee Straight Pull and Krag ammo belts,bayonets w/ scabbards, WWI suspenders, USMC emblems and rank devices etc.

If source is a reproduction, they MUST be historically accurate and IAW Standard USMC Issue or PHIL QM Depot specs for that period.

For artisans, we can provide information required to reproduce.

We may be contacted at the below link, or call (870) 743-1680 Tues-Sat 10am-5pm central.

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[Uniforms] Repop or original items required//POC
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