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[AmRevolution] Cannons ordered by U.S. in March 1812

1. I can't seem to find "War of 1812" in the drop-down menu for the "prefix" of postings, so I used the closest one.

2. William E. Birkhimer in HISTORICAL SKETCH OF THE ...ARTILLERY OF THE U.S. ARMY, 1884, states on pp. 261, speaking of the metal used to cast cannon tubes:

"No sooner was Dearborn gone than an effort was made to bring the department back to former practices. A few orders were given by his successor for brass guns, one of March 1812, for twenty-four 6-pounders and twelve 12-pounders."

Unfortunately he does not cite his sources for this information.

My questions are:

a. To which founder(s) was this order directed?
b. How many cannons were delivered and accepted to satisfy that order?
c. Birkhimer mentions "a few orders..." How many cannons, and of which calibers, were ordered under any additional orders during that timeframe?
d. What are the answers to questions (a) and (b) for each additional order?
e. Is there any type of descriptive information on record regarding the cannons which were to be provided?

I'd be very grateful for the answers to these questions and the sources for that information.

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