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[AmRevolution] "Bucks of America" mystery solution?

In the Massachusetts Hist. Soc. is a Flag for a africian American military unit Company called the "Bucks of America" which was presented by Governor John Hancock. Very little is know-excerpt that it was reportably at the Battle of Groton Heights {Sept 6, 1781} Groton CT and the
only name connected with the unit was George Middleton {d.1815} of Boston who was later a Grand Master of the Prince Hall Masonic Lodge.
A possible solution as to who else was in the "Bucks of America":
#1} That the members of this company were none other than Middleton's fellow Lodge members of the Prince Hall Lodge
#2) And the reason that membership-except one is not know-is because as a "Voluntary Company" it may not have been formally mustered into service of the state of Mass.

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