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I checked "The Biographical Register and Dictionary of the US Army" by Francis Heitman and found no one listed by that name as having served as a commissioned officer in the 8th Mass.

Also checked Dyer's "Compendium of the War of the Rebellion".

There are three 8th Mass Volunteers listed but none of the listings indicates a component part was the Sutton Light Infantry.

You can check with the Adjutant General of Massachusetts. He is the custodian of all military records of individuals from the state who served over the years.

I suspect the SLI was rolled up in an early CW regiment from Mass as one of its lettered companies. Lt. Haskell may have been an officer prior to the war but for one reason or another did not answer any Lincln's calls.

Perhaps the town of Sutton has a historical society which will shed light on this.

James B. Ronan II

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