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[Uniforms] State Dragoon Militia Coatee

Hi Everyone,

I put presented this message a few years ago, and received some good feedback, so I am posting it again in hopes some new readers may be able to help.

I need to identify the origins of a dragoon militia coatee. Can any of you tell me where I could find out which state or local organization/city outfitted their militia with this coatee? I know it is very difficult and like finding a needle in a haystack, but maybe some of you have seen this coatee before, or know where I could go for help.

The picture I have is too large, so if anyone wants a jpeg photo of it, I will be glad to send it. A written description follows below. Thank you for any help you can give.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Yamauchi

A Brief Description of the State Dragoon Militia Coatee and Epaulettes:

- short approximately 12-inch tail;
- made out of reddish woolen material;
- inside, whitish linen, hand sewn, no thick padding;
- approximately 3-inch collars;
- double breasted;
- gold single chevrons (or arrow-shaped gold bullion) on
both cuffs;
- cuffs are of a darker bluish material;
- chest has bow-shaped gold bullion "frogging" which gets
wider in the middle
and narrower at the top and bottom;
- all 34 buttons on both sides of the frogging, the cuffs,
collar and tail are Eagle D dragoon buttons with the
rmdc back mark: "Horstmann Sons and Drucker NY.";
- it was accompanied by a pair of epaulettes that have
silverish/greyish bullion Capt. bars, and a unit circle
patch of the same bullion with the number "11";
- both epaulettes have gold bullion, reddish padding
underneath, and each has a small dragoon button perched
on a stalk. Their back marks differ from those on the
uniform buttons;
- damage to coatee very minimal: some gold bullion
separation on the collar; very few small
marks/holes caused by moths; a clean, partial separation
at the right shoulder seam;
- purchased around 1975-1980 at a Chicago auction house;
The epaulettes were purchased at same estate auction,
but were purchased separately from the coatee as a
different lot;

The coatee was identified in 1998 by the late militaria expert William Guthman as a state dragoon militia coatee dating from 1840-1850 (he also advised where to have it repaired). The epaulettes were identified as belonging to the 11th Massachusetts infantry by another known militaria expert, but I am not sure he is correct since they have dragoon buttons on them

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