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[Weapons] Eickhorn Edged Weapons Catalog

This post is for Ron Hickox or Alejandro de Quesada, or anyone who is interested or knows how to get in touch with either. I recently acquired a copy of an original export catalog for Eickhorn, circa 1906-1910 by the styles of swords, minus the first 16 pages, that deals with exports to European countries, the US, and Ethiopia (listed as Abyssinia). It is very interesting and has information that is well worth sharing with the rest of the collecting community. The intro to _Eickhorn Edged Weapons Exports Vol I: Latin America_ mentions that the authors were looking for this exact information. I have already tried to contact Mr. de Quesada through the email listed on his profile, with no answer. Does anyone know if either author is still looking for this info, or how to contact either?


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