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[Gen'l Info] 5th fusiliers L Sergeant


As aprt of my family history research I am looking for information on a certain Charles Kearnon. Charles was a Cpl in the "Army" in 1841 when his wife gave birth to a son John in Rotherham Yorkshire. I cannot be sure if the father was present or even in the area. However in 1842 he was present at the death of his wife in "the liberties of Dover castle" On the death cert he is marked as a L Sergeant in the 5th Fusiliers.

I would love to know a little more about the 5th Fusiliers and where they may have been or were going.

I have no trace of Charles after this date and the history of the Fusiliers may lead me further in my researches.

Merry Christmas to you all.

Phil Woodger

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[Gen'l Info] 5th fusiliers L Sergeant
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