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Bronze cannon production 1808

Here's an isolated piece of info I ran into, again within National Archives RG92 E2117, regarding deliveries of bronze cannons to the U.S. government.

All of these intriguing bits of information raise more questions in my mind than they answer, so I hope I find more related information so I can get a better overall picture of what was going on back then.

Some of my questions about this item include:

-Are there any surviving Foxall 18 or 24 pounder bronze guns? Those would have to be quite large and conspicuous, and unfortunately may have been sacrificed in WWII scrap drives, if not recycled much earlier.

-What about the 18-pounder (and 6-pounder) bronze guns sold by the War Dep't to the State Department, final destination "Barbary Powers." I guess those relations were normalized by 1808, a few years earlier they were called the "Barbary Pirates." ???

These are all fascinating tidbits and I wish I had enough time to chase them all down, but I don't, so maybe they will help someone else in their research.

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