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[Gen'l Info] Privately-held Augusta Arsenal archive

I was looking for some info on Col. Bomford, as someone on another discussion board has mentioned a scandal supposedly resulting in his trial on corrpution charges regarding contract improprieties. I know of such a scandal involving Col. Talcott in the 1850's, but nothing about one involving Bomford. Anyway, back to the topic.

I found by accident some information on an archive of apparently original official documents that were accumulated by an employee at the arsenal, which is now at Augusta University. The nice thing about this archive is that it has been very well cataloged, with the catalog at the link below. It has also been microfilmed, so perhaps copies are available for sale, I don't know.

Here's the general description given at the site:

On September 16, 1925, Ruby Mabry was appointed as a clerk in the Ordnance Department at the Augusta Arsenal, Augusta, Georgia. She served in this capacity and later as Secretary to the Commander and Public Information Officer for over 29 years.
As part of her job duties as Public Information Officer, Ruby M. Pfadenhauer served as Historian and Special Writer of Augusta Arsenal. She reviewed all files of incoming and outgoing correspondence, reports, etc. and made decisions as to the importance of contents with respect to their incorporation into historical and statistical reports as well as to their retention in the permanent historical records. The arsenal records she preserved date from its establishment in 1816 to its closure in March, 1955. Mrs. Pfadenhauer used this documentation and additional research on the history of the arsenal in preparation for writing her histories.

The collection consists of correspondence, reports, newspaper clippings, publications, and photographs. Series I consists of records and histories of the Augusta Arsenal dating from 1816 to its closure in 1955 (with large gaps). Included are letters (predominantly 1824-1863), receipts and invoices, and personnel documentation pertaining to the operation of the arsenal. The histories of the arsenal were written primarily by Mrs. Pfadenhauer. The collection also contains "Salute," a publication of the Augusta Arsenal (1943-1944) edited by Mrs. Pfadenhauer. Series II consists of Ruby Pfadenhauer's research material, drafts of her unpublished manuscripts, material she collected in her role as arsenal historian (1943-1955) and genealogical research on the Mabry, Tompkins and Pfadenhauer families.

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