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[AmRevolution] Way to track Goestelowe Flags?

Nothwithstanding that 3 of the 13 the Goestelowe colors are accounted for + 1 which was apparently used by Congress on Regiment at Yorktown -could ther remaining flags be accounted for in this way?
At the end of the Revolution the RI General Assembly received the State s colors. Thus..
1) Do each of the records of the other 12 colonies tell if
Colors were deposited with their General Assembly?
2) Would any such record have a ''discription'' of said color by either device or field which match the 1778 list?
Query- what colors were in Philadelphia in/after Suumer of 1778 who had bad/poor colors to be replaced?
That when Regiments were disbanded their colors were in the keeping of the Regimental standard bearer or colonel.
Would any inquiry among the descendnats of persons who orginally had custody of said colors have those which could
match the Gostelowe colors?

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