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[Gen'l Info] Logistics - New US Army Branch

According to local newspaper, on 9 Jan 2008, at Fort Lee, VA, some 100 officers exchanged their Quartermaster lapel pins for new Logistics pins, representing the newest branch of the army, and "symbolically uniting historically separate Quartermaster, Ordnance and Transportation soldiers." New emblem shown in black and white photo. MG Mitchell H. Stevenson, commanding general of Fort Lee and the Army's Combined Arms Support Command, presided. Under Base Realignment and Closure actions, Ord and Trans schools are moving to Fort Lee, home of the QM school. (Richmond VA "Times-Dispatch," B2, 10 Jan 2008)

Assume official announcement and details can be found on the Internet.

This would seem to open up new opportunities for insignia collectors. It also offers interesting comparison with the "Rear Services" component of the People's Army of Viet Nam High Command, following the pattern of Chinese, Soviet (...and Prussian?) model.

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