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[Weapons] 18th C. French artillery manuscript ala Rostaing

About 25 years ago I got a copy of a manuscript from the Army museum in Paris, and never did anything with it. I re-discovered it in my files yesterday and posted links to images of each page of it on the "Napoleon Series" site, where there seems to be a lot of interest in such things.

It is all in French so I asked if someone could render at least a summary translation of it.

From the responses on that site, it seems as if none of the artillery researchers who visit the site regularly, had seen the document, nor the information it contains.

When I first got the document, there wasn't much I could do with it, but now the internet has changed all that as you can see. Now is being read and analyzed in the UK, and probably in other places, and I expect something will be published about it fairly soon.

Moral of the story: Don't "sit" on potentially valuable information like I did!

Photograph it using high-resolution digital camera setting or a scanner, load it to a site such as free Photobucket, then put links to it on a widely-read discussion board where people can interpret it and add to the global knowledge of the subject.

Or of course, publish it as part of an article, but in my case I've accumulated so much information I'd never be able to publish articles about one percent of it.

Click on the link below to go to the N.S. posting with links to the imagery.

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[Weapons] 18th C. French artillery manuscript ala Rostaing
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