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[Weapons] Paul Revere's Artillery and Fireworks notebook

I was doing some research on Paul Revere and his cannon founding business, using microfilm of "The Revere Family Papers" (MA. Historical Society.) The 15 reels of microfilm contain a huge volume of company books, bank books, letter books, notebooks, journals, etc. etc. covering about a century. I was looking for records of cannons he cast, and located quite a few, and in the process ran across an interesting little notebook apparently handwritten by Paul Revere himself in 1801. Here are a few of the 50 or so pages plus an image of the book itself (yours truly in background.) The notebook begins with notes on 45 different death inquests, so Revere must have had some civic duties in that area. The final 20 or so pages contain information on artillery, fireworks, procedures for making carcass and smoke shells for mortars, etc.

Does anyone know where Revere got the "rule of thumb" for cuttting the fuze on a mortar shell?

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