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Peter Knox ( 0414621725 ) or Lynne Sanders-Braithwaite ( 07 310 25 332 ) .

I am writing on behalf of Peter Knox ( University of Wollongong, Australia ) , who is currently researching a PhD . ( outlined at )
Melinda was a poet in Australia and we now discover that her father, an Irishman by the name of Patrick McNally , was in the 100th Regiment and served in Canada where he was court-martialled at Chambly for treason on October 21, 1812. Wretchedly neither of us knows anything at all about the 1812 war ( although we are learning fast ) and can find very little about Chambly and what it was that he did. At least two other men from Chambly Court martials were on the convict ship which brought him to Australia in 1814 following his return to and sentencing in England.
His wife Judith Kilfroy McDermott was also in Canada and then sailed as a free settler with her small children in convoy with the convict ships to Sydney.
Surely there is a story here which has either not been told or which we have not yet found.
If you are able to provide us with any details or advice re discovering more about
Chambly Court Martials of 1812
The 100 Regiment in Canada
Background information on the situation of the wives and children of the men in the British army
Or any issues which we have not yet considered

Your help would be appreciated.
Many thanks
Lynne Sanders- Braithwaite on behalf of Peter Knox.

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