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[AmRevolution] Gostelowe Standards List theroy

Of the 13 Gostelowe Standards-
Four are Accounted for:
#1 possesion of F.W. Headman-a check of the PA Archives show a William Headman served in the 6th Co/4th Batt till 1779 and the 2nd Co/1st Battalion after 1781 of the Associators.
#2 Congress Own Regiment
#7 Buford's Command-possibly 7th Va Regiment
#13 Possession of Josiah Harmer-possibly of the 7th PA.
Regiments for the others {possibilites}-Looking in Richardson book on Standards with the Gostelowe list and Sept 1778 inventory of good/bad colors}
#4 one of 3 of Clinton's 1-3rd New York ? It seems to be
a counterpoint to the NY Louisburg Standard of Britania trumphiant
#9 two of Parson 4 CT regiments {3,4,6,8} ? in 1780 this
device was placed on CT Regiment standards.
#11 possibly one of Larnard's 3 MAss Regiments {7,8,9}.
The Theme of a Native American also appears on Mass State Seal. This leaves standards #3,#5,#6,#8,#10,#12.
Deducting the possible assigment of stanadrds to the 1778 inventory shows the following Regiments still bad colors:
2 of 9 Regiments of N.C. Regiments
4 of 6 Regiments of Mulenburg's Brigade
1 of 3 Regiments of Scott's Brigade
1 of 3 Regiments of Wayne's Brigade
3 of 4 Regiments of 2nd Pa Brigade
1 of 1 Regiments of Clinton's Brigade
1 of 1 Regiments of PArson's Brigade

6 for 11 Regiments?
Does anyone know of Descriptions of standards of these
Regiments of September 1778 list?

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