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[Uniforms] Identifying a 155-year old Dragoon Militia Uniform

Dear Military Historians:

For years I have been trying to identify a coatee that I purchased at an auction about 30 years ago. I believe it is a State Dragoon Militia coatee. However, I want to determine what state or city (Boston Light Dragoons?) it belonged to. A pictures is included and here is its verbal description:

- short 12-14 inch tail
- made out of reddish woolen material
- inside, whitish linen, hand sewn, no thick padding
- high 3-inch collars
- double breasted
- gold braided single chevrons on both cuffs
- cuffs are of a darker blueish material with gold bullion
chevrons on each
- chest has gold "frogging" which gets wider in the middle
(bow-shaped)and narrower at the top and bottom

- all 34 buttons on both sides of the frogging, on the
cuffs, collar and tail are Eagle D Dragoon buttons with
the RMDC back markings: "Horstmann Sons and Drucker NY."

- it was accompanied by a pair of epaulettes that have

silverish/greyish bullion Capt. bars, and a unit circle

patch of the same bullion with the number "11"

- both epaulettes have gold bullion, reddish padding
underneath, and have a small Dragoon button;

The coatee is pretty small in size and in good condition.

If anybody has any information about what state or unit that might have used this coatee, please do give me your thoughts or theories. I include a picture of the coatee’s front (may have to zoom in) and can send one of its back if you need it.

Thank you very much for any clues you can give me.

Sincerely yours,

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Thanks Steve!
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Thanks again Steven!
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