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Re: [Uniforms] 1833 US Forage Cap Ref Request.

Hello again,

I was wondering about the dragoon/West Point version of the 1833 forage cap.

It seems clear that this model was distinguished from the infantry and artillery models by having a leather cape leather cape - neck flap - attached to the bottom of the cap. But how? Also, how was the cape folded up out of the way when not in use?

Most current illustrations - and recent reproductions - show the flap as having one or perhaps two button holes on the foremost edge per side - the idea being that the cape was turned up, folded, and buttoned by the service button holding the end of the chin strap. The flap was folded once along the side and back of the cap.

This is more-or-less the cape arrangement for the 1839 forage cap, without the extra silk tie.
The ninetieth C. illustrations I have seen donít seem to indicate this configuration, at least not definitively. Either the cape is show as down, or the details are unclear.

Have I missed some illustrations that decide the matter? Are there any surviving 1833 dragoon model caps with cape intact?


Tom Lundy

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Re: [Uniforms] 1833 US Forage Cap Ref Request.
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