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Re: [Civil War] 5th Infantry Regiment NC

I don't know any history per say but I can at least tell you there place in the Order of Battle.

Army of The Potomac, C.S.A.--General Joseph E. Johnston
First Corps--General G. T. Beauregard
Sixth Brigade-Brigadier General J. A. Early

Chapter 24, Page 825

P.S. Found this intersting little tidbit too.....

Arkansas Returns Long-Misidentified Flag to North Carolina Home

July 11, 2002--Anyone who might think that saving Civil War flags is a waste of time and money should listen to the words of an expert.

"It made my heart jump," said Jake Mills, 13, one of six young people attending a weeklong Civil War camp. "All the flags we've seen have been from other battles, but I've never seen our flag. A lot of my family fought in the war from North Carolina."

The flag Mills was referring to was the bloodstained banner of the Fifth Regiment North Carolina State Troops, which had just been put on display at the North Carolina Museum of History where his camp was being held.

The flag was recently returned to its home state after spending the last 97 years in a museum in Arkansas. When it was first placed there in 1905 it was incorrectly identified as the flag of an infantry regiment from that state.

"It's a very important piece of history, an artifact that hundreds of people lost their lives for being a part of and for carrying it," said Tom Belton, curator of military history at the N.C. Museum of History.

A Union soldier found the flag lying among the 250 men of the Fifth North Carolina regiment killed at the Battle of Williamsburg, Va., in 1862, the Durham Herald-Sun reported.

The banner, now somewhat tattered, is 39 inches long. Because of a shortage of crimson silk during the war, the flag was made from pink silk.

In a ceremony earlier this week at the North Carolina Museum of History, the flag -- one of the first to be made of silk and display the Confederate design -- was presented to the state by a curator from Arkansas.

The Battle of Williamsburg is considered the first "pitched battle" of the Peninsula Campaign. Nearly 41,000 Federals and 32,000 Confederates were engaged. Following up the Confederate retreat from Yorktown, Gen. Joseph Hooker's division encountered the Confederate rearguard near Williamsburg.

Hooker assaulted Fort Magruder, an earthen fortification alongside the Williamsburg Road, but was repulsed. Confederate counterattacks, directed by Maj. Gen. James Longstreet, threatened to overwhelm the Union left flank, until Kearny's division arrived to stabilize the Federal position.

Union troops then moved to threaten the Confederate left flank, occupying two abandoned redoubts. The Confederates counterattacked unsuccessfully, and the Confederate army continued its withdrawal during the night.

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