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Re: [AmRevolution] Pennington/Tollemache duel

Since my area of interest is the Brigade of Guards during the American Revolution, I can answer some of your questions regarding Lowther Pennington's service.
In 1776, there were 3 regiments of Foot Guards in England: First, Coldstream, and Third. The Coldstream Reg't. was originally Col. Monck's Regiment, which he formed in 1650 as part of the Cromwellian Army. In 1660 he marched the unit from Coldstream, Scotland to London in support of Charles II's return to the throne. In 1661 Charles designated the unit as part of the Household Troops, second in seniority to the First Guards. He bestowed the name of The Lord General's Regiment of Guards in honor of Monck's new title. In 1670, after Monck's death, the unit was redesignated as Coldstream Guards. Because its founding date precedes that of First Guards, the Coldstream to this day considers itself the senior regiment. It adopted the motto "Nulli Secundus" meaning "Second to None."
On 13 February 1776 orders were issued from Guards Headquarters in London forming a detachment from all three Regiments of Foot Guards for service in the war in America. Under the command of Brigadier General Edward Mathew (Coldstream Guards), the detachment was to consist of 15 privates from each of the 64 companies of Foot Guards. Officers, non-commissioned officers, and musicians were also drawn from the three regiments. The unit embarked for America on 2 May 1776. It became known as a Brigade and was organized into 10 companies. Thus the Coldstream Guards served in America as a part of the composite Brigade, rather than as a separate entity.
He did not sail with the Guards in 1776, but was ordered to America in May 1777. He left England in July 1777 on Scorpion sloop. On the voyage he irritated the ship's captain, his friend the Honorable Capt. Talmarsh [Tollemache], and the duel was the result.
After recovering from his wounds, Pennington arrived for duty with the Brigade of Guards on 10 Dec. 77. He served with them until 1781. He got leave from Gen. Cornwallis to go to NY in July 81 and shipped home to England in Nov. 1781.

If you would like additional information, please contact me directly through the e-mail link. Otherwise, I'm afraid we may bore people to death!
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