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[War w/Spain] Natives in the 1890s US Army


I am writing an article on the participation of Native Americans in the Spanish-American War. In the first few paragraphs, I briefly discuss the history of the Army's use of Indians prior to 1898, with particular attention to the era after the Civil War. In this connection, I have consulted John P. Langellier's "American Indians in the U.S. Armed Forces, 1866-1945." He refers to an Army general order dated 19 March 1891, which, among other things, called for inclusion of Natives as regular soldiers in infantry and cavalry regiments. Then, he comments that these units "were disbanded within a scant half-dozen years."

My question is this: Why were these units dissolved? Poor enrollment? Racial attitudes of US officers? The end of a sense of urgency after armed conflict with Indian tribes ceased in 1890? Federal financial retrenchment during the depression of the 1890s?

I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could render.

Thank you.

Jon Ault

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[War w/Spain] Natives in the 1890s US Army
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