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Re: [War w/Spain] Natives in the 1890s US Army

Dear Jon,

I looked at "The Army Lineage Series, Armor-Cavalry. Part I, Regular Army and Army Reserve.", by Mary Lee Stubbs and Stanley Russel Connor, Office of the Chief of Military History, US Army, Washington, DC, 1969.

In the chapter titled History of the Organization of the Armor and Cavalry, p. 24, this source states:

previous cuts in troop strength were "...restored in an experiment to integrate Indian soldiers into Regular Army units. The primary object was to give employment to a considerable number of warriors from the most dangerous tribes. Troop L of the 1st through 8th Cavalry were reactivated with Indian enlisted personnel...
due partly to the language barrier and partly to the general attitude that existed between the two races the experiment failed and the last unit of this type, Troop L, 7th Cavalry was disbanded in 1897."

There is a pretty good photo of a Crow Indian trooper of the 1st Cavalry on this page.

I can send you an image of the soldier and some uniform photos.

My e-mail is

James B. Ronan II

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[War w/Spain] Natives in the 1890s US Army
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