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I don’t have any documentary evidence to offer but the weapons of the period were as follows:

They may have had left over Charleville (0.69 caliber smoothbore flintlock) muskets from the Revolution or captured British Army Muskets (0.75 caliber-Short Land Pattern ‘Brown Bess’ ) The third model ‘Bess’ also known as India Pattern was new at this time, but I doubt they had that.

The following info is from the U.S. Infantry home page at:

There is a display case shown in their museum with the following two pieces:

U.S. Musket (Type II), Model 1795, with Bayonet.
This U.S. Musket (Type II), Model 1795, with bayonet, was made at Harpers Ferry, VA. The musket is dated 1809 and 7,348 weapons were produced that year. This weapon has the basic characteristics listed for the Springfield 1795 (Type III). Weapons like this one were used in the War of 1812.

U.S. Musket (Type III), 1795, with Bayonet.
Model 1795 U.S. Musket (Type III), with bayonet, was made at the Springfield Armory in Massachusetts, circa 1808-1814. It was the type utilized to arm U.S. Infantrymen during the War of 1812. This piece is stamped with the date 1812.
· Caliber B .69, Smoothbore
· Barrel Length B 44 3/4 inches
· Stock B Black Walnut, 56 3/8 inches long
· Ignition B Flintlock
· Overall Length B 60 inches
· Weight B Average, 8 pounds, 14 ounces
· Cost Per Musket B $13.40

If there are Type II & Type III, there must be a Type I but I know no reference.

On the Ft. Belle Fontaine website there is a link to some living history photos. I can’t tell from the pictures, but the brass hardware I can see on the muskets they hold, makes them look like 2nd model Brown Bess Muskets to me.

I don't know whether I helped or just added to your confusion, but there it is.

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