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[AmRevolution] US monogram on flag

Please see my statement at end of message

Gentlemen: The succinct question is: What was the first documented instance of use of the monogram/letters 'U.S.' on a banner, flag or standard of a United States military unit? The only limiting parameters to the question are 1) the unit is in the ‘regular army’, defined as being officered by men commissioned by the Continental Congress; 2) use of the monogram in this instance refers only to the principle standard of the unit, not a ‘lesser’ flag such a guidon, pennant etc.

I am not a member of either your group or this forum; however, as part of a site historic preservation effort, I recently completed significant research of original sources pertaining to a revolutionary war engagement that otherwise is virtually absent from secondary literature. The standing of the site in question in the eyes of the National Park Service may in part turn on the answer to this question.

For the record, I am referred to you by DOA/Adjutant General’s office – Institute of Heraldry.

Dale Denda
McLean, VA.

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[AmRevolution] US monogram on flag
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