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The following information was taken from "The Order of Battle of the United States Land Forces in the World War, American Expeditionary Forces, General Headquarters, Armies, Corps, Services of Supply, Separate Forces, Vol. I":

Siberian Expeditionary Forces consisted of:
Headquarters Detachment
27th Infantry
31st Infantry
elements of the 8th Division (to bring the 27th & 31st to war strength)
Co. D, 53rd Telegraph Battalion
17th Evacuation Hospital
7th Medical Supply Depot
391st Bakery Co. (two sections)
4th Ambulance Co.
4th Field Hospital
unidentified units of the Veterinary Corps, Quartermaster Corps, Dental Corps, and Corps of Engineers

North Russia Expeditionary Forces consisted of:
Landing Force Detachment, U.S.S. Olympia
339th Infantry
1st Battalion, 310th Engineers
337th Field Hospital
337th Ambulance Co.
167th Railroad Transportation Co. (operations)
168th Railroad Transportation Co. (maintenance)

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