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[Uniforms] U.S. Formal Military Uniforms


I am primarily interested in the Formal Uniforms for all branches of the U.S. Military. These are the type uniforms that were worn when the Memorial Service for President Nixon was televised. "Dress Blues" were worn by members of the Army. I do not know what the equivilents would be called for the other service branches.

Does your Company have any publications for these type uniforms? If not, could you direct me to someone who could help me?

I secured your name from one of your books, "Military Uniforms in America" Civil War Period 1852 - 1867. The book is in our Central Library, Evansville, Indiana.

Any assistance that you can extend to me will be greatly appreciated.

My name and mailing address is:

Ed Small, P. O. Box 3365, Evansville, IN 47732

My office phone: (812) 421-1419

My office FAX: (812) 421-5813


February 19, 2004 Ed Small

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[Uniforms] U.S. Formal Military Uniforms
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