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Recent Visit to the Ronald Reagan Library (Pictures are linked here from Facebook)

Company member Rob Zucca was able to secure a visit to  during its much heralded Abraham Lincoln display, He also promised the chapter something special on top of the incredible Lincoln exhibit. Rob ushered the members into a nondescript room that appeared much like my high school class room with several erasable boards and desks and chairs haphazardly placed. In the back of the room were just more chairs stacked and a solid wall. We left our materials there and proceeded to tour the Lincoln exhibit.  Members who attended included fore mentioned Rob Zucca, chapter president, Mark Kasal, chapter secretary, John Bertam, Ed and Patty Cote, Joe Musso, Chuck and Steve Fowler, Pat Cohen, Chuck Werth, and Bob Bermant.

The Lincoln exhibit was outstanding and traced Lincoln’s path from rural Kentucky to the White House with original documents, artifacts, and items from the period depicting important times in Lincoln’s life. An added feature was actual sets from the Spielberg’s Lincoln. As Rob told the story Mr. Spielberg was so generous that he lent all of the furnishings and props for the display. Rob spent hours to ensure that all of the props were in their right place. Company members Rob Zucca and Pat Cohen also lent items from their own collections for several of the related exhibits.

After the visiting the exhibit we retired to class room for our business meeting and discussing of the items that members brought. After that Rob surprised us by opening the back wall showing us the best-kept mystery at the Reagan, the Situation Room for the White House. As Rob explained it the White House remodeled the situation rooms (Yes rooms). Apparently there are two situation rooms in the White House. One is where the president and the people directly involved the situation sit and the second is for the next level of personnel sit. Each room looked identical. The old panels, cupboards, television screens, meeting table, chairs, and many other items were removed. One room was sent to the Reagan and the other was sent to the George H. W. Bush Library in College Station, TX. Rob explained what it took to get the situation room set up and what else they are planning to bring it to life. The initial plans are to bring in groups of students and other groups and have them act on a world situation scenario so that they can get a feeling for decision making in a stressful atmosphere. One chair had a little higher back on it which designated the President’s place at one end of the long conference table.  Banks of TV screens were at the far end of the conference table. We all took turns having our picture taken sitting in the President’s chair.

If you have not visited the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library you are in for quite a surprise. Currently on display is Air Force One Boeing 747 jet, Marine 1, and hundreds of other artifacts. For more information and to see a brief film on the Lincoln exhibit go to their website: 


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