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2016 Annual Meeting Information

  CMH 2016 Meeting Speakers  
#1     Friday  15 April 2016      1900-2000                
Glenn Williams  Siege Warfare at Yorktown, Virginia, as Reflected in George Washington’s Daily Orders
#2    Saturday  16 April 2016      0900-1000             
Craig Bell     Boyle & Gamble
#3     Saturday  16 April 2016      1000-1100
Tom Bailey – Historical Ordnance Works        Restoration of historical vehicles
#4     Saturday  16 April 2016     1100-1200 
Steven M. Baule     18th Foot, Royal Irish Regiment of Foot
An overview of the demographic makeup of the rank and file of the Royal Irish Regiment while it served in North America, including the modifications to its uniform and equipment as gleaned from primary sources.
#5    Saturday  16 April 2016     1300-1400   
William K. Emerson  WWI Uniforms/Insignia
#6     Saturday  16 April 2016     1400– 500 
Gerald Roxbury   The US Navy in the Mexican-American War
#7     Saturday  16 April 2016     1500 --1600          
George F. Franks, III    Final Battle of the Gettysburg Campaign: Falling Waters
Making extensive use of first-hand accounts, detailed maps, period drawings and photographs to breathe life into the crucial, yet little remembered, end of the Gettysburg Campaign.
#8 Special Music Presentation and speaker
The Pipe Sergeant who will pipe in the colors at dinner will, during the reception time preceding dinner, discuss the music of, and Scottish regiments at, Waterloo
Substitute Speaker
Walter H. Bradford     From Gettysburg to the Gulf:  The Soldiers’ Load Through the Years
An examination of the content, weight and cost of the clothing, arms and equipment of the dismounted enlisted man from official Army documents, during conflicts of the 19th century and 20th century, as a source of logistical and historical inquiry.


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