Miller Award Recipients

Through 1981, a three judge panel selected the winner and could name as many "Honorable Mention" awards as they felt warranted it; Starting in 1982, the awardee was selected by a vote of those attending the meeting; the Runner-up receives a certificate of Honorable Mention. Members who can provide any of the missing or incomplete information from the table below should contact the webmaster.

Year Award Name Title of Display
1974 Miller Award Trevor Bovee Mississippi Rifles
1974 Honorable Mention John McCormack  
1974 Honorable Mention Giles Cromwell  
1974 Honorable Mention Joseph T. Wupperfeld  
1974 Honorable Mention John Andrews  
1975 Miller Award George C. Neumann  
1976 Miller Award Robert G. Borrell, Sr.  
1976 Honorable Mention Paul Braddock  
1976 Honorable Mention Ben Michel  
1976 Honorable Mention Michael Klinepeter  
1977 Miller Award William K. Emerson The Federal Eagle on US Army Insignia
1978 Miller Award Michael E. Bremer  
1979 Miller Award Award Not Given  
1980 Miller Award Richard Johnson  
1981 Miller Award Award Not Given  
1982 Miller Award Clark S. Campbell  
1983 Miller Award Edward Steers, Jr.  
1984 Miller Award Edwin Sharples  
1985 Miller Award Anthony Darling Scottish Swords
1985 Honorable Mention J. Craig Nannos The British and Boston during the Revolution
1986 Miller Award Bart C. Trexler Civil War
1987 Miller Award Bart C. Trexler A Common Thread
1987 Honorable Mention William Gladstone US Colored Troops 1863-1865
1988 Miller Award Frederick C. Gaede Bayonet Belts in the Service 1808-1841
1988 Honorable Mention Paul Braddock US Military ID Tags
1989 Miller Award Stephen M. Henry General Officer Uniforms and Accountrements
1989 Honorable Mention Edwin Besch North Vietnamese Accoutrements
1990 Miller Award Lindsey P. Henderson, Jr. Savannah Volunteer Guards
1990 Honorable Mention Paul S. Lederer British Naval Arms
1991 Miller Award Richard C. Nolte, Sr. WWII Japanese Army, Navy, and Air Force
1991 Honorable Mention Paul G. Fischer Civil War Swords
1992 Miller Award Stephen M. Henry WWII Submarine Warfare in the Pacific
1993 Miller Award George Wheeler Edges Weapons of the Civil War
1994 Miller Award Bart C. Trexler War Correspondence
1994 Honorable Mention Edwin Besch Liberty or Death
1995 Miller Award George C. Newman New Englanders Attack Lousiburg 1745
1995 Honorable Mention Tony Stamatelos Defeat of Nazi Germany
1996 Miller Award Phil Leveque Small Arms
1997 Miller Award Gordon Damann Civil War Medicine
1997 Honorable Mention Steve Sullivan Siberian Sojourn
1999 Miller Award Frederick C. Gaede The Cap Pouch in the US Army, 1845-1876
1999 Honorable Mention Paul Johnson Identifying the Patterns of Rifle Musket Cartridge Boxes, 1857-1865
2000 Miller Award Les Jensen and Harris Andrews Canadian Expeditionary Force
in World War I
2000 Honorable Mention Elmo Phillips Harper's Ferry Rifles
2001 Miller Award Juanita Leisch An Army of Women in Wartime Service
2001 Honorable Mention David C. Cole One Family's Military History
2002 Miller Award Alejandro de Quesada From Colonialism to Socialism
2002 Honorable Mention John Powell Spanish Colonial Artifacts
2003 Miller Award Alejandro de Quesada
Mexican Forces during the 1910 Revolution
2003 Honorable Mention David C. Cole Relics of Normandy
2004 Miller Award (Dual Winners) Alejandro de Quesada and Jack G. Grothe In Peace and in War: The United States Merchant Marine
2004 Miller Award (Dual Winners) William K. Emerson
U.S. Army 20th Century Shooting Prizes
2004 Honorable Mention Award not Given  
2005 Miller Award Clive M. Law The Regiments & Guards in Canada
2005 Honorable Mention Award not Given  
2006 Miller Award James Kanne One Step at a Time: Early US Army Leggings
2006 Honorable Mention Award not Given  
2007 Miller Award (Dual Winners) Caroline and Alex de Quesada Women's Services on the Battlefield and Homefront during World War II
2007 Miller Award (Dual Winners) John Thillmann Veterans of the War with Mexico:
Saddles and Sabers of the Mounted Officer
2007 Honorable Mention Award not Given  
2008 Miller Award Sam Barnes Sea Service Weapons, 1760-1901:
King George through Queen Victoria
2008 Honorable Mention David Jarnigan A Study of the Many Colors of Russet
2008 Honorable Mention John Reichley When Trumpets Fade...: Battlefield Relics
2008 Honorable Mention Jim Speraw Uniform Development: BDU to ACU
2009 Miller Award Juanita Leisch-Jensen Armed With Needles: Sewing for Soldiers
2010 Miller Award John Morris Swivel Guns
2011 Miller Award Craig Bell Patriot Weapons of the American Revolution
2012 Miller Award Craig Bell Weapons of the War of 1812
2013 Miller Award John Thilmann Gettysburg: Civil War Swords & Sabers of Men who were there Fighting on the Field or on Staff
2014 Miller Award Joyce Henry The Uncommon Soldiers: Soldier Women in American Civil War


Compiled by John K. Robertson, 2003-8; Steven M. Baule, 2009 -

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