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From John Morris, Vice President for Membership/Development:

We're making a "recruiting video" for The Company, which we plan to disseminate in many different ways, some of which are "state of the art" and aimed specifically at mobile devices. I really need your help with this video!
Local chapters or individuals, please consider helping me in this way: Collect some video footage of brief interviews, or just monologues, as desired, showing members talking about what they like about being a member of the Company, why they joined, their collecting interests or field of interest, etc. Interviews with "younger folks" and female members will "go to the head of the line" here, as I'm sure you know we'd like to recruit a lot more of those groups. If the member who is on camera will talk with an interesting piece or pieces from his or her collection in view, better yet. If we can show two members talking about this, better still. Members who have just recently joined are as good as anyone because they can speak with conviction about their interests and what made them join The Company while that is still fresh in their minds.
Member William Eichler has graciously volunteered his extensive movie-making experience and equipment for this project; he can accept virtually any known video format. When you have some video footage we can use, just email me and I will tell you where to send a disc or how to upload it for our use. Thanks in advance for your help with this!

John Morris VP for Membership/Development


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