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Currently, there are four methods of searching the index. The database contains entries for each signed article, Military Uniforms In America (MUIA) plate, and book review from volume 1 forward. Company news items and announcements, the unsigned reviews in the Publications section, some letters to the editor, and the series of articles published under the heading “Keeping Tradition Alive” have not been included. Each article has had keywords associated with it to improve searching. The index is updated regularly. Information on how indexing was accomplished, including information that might improve your searches, is available here.

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The Online Index is Currently Under Revision and will be back soon

Now that I have the results, where can I find the journal and plates?

Finding complete runs of Military Collector & Historian to use for research can be a problem. Finding the colored plates is even harder. We provide a guide to libraries with holdings at Open Libraries and Restricted Libraries.

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This work has benefited from Maria Todd’s index of volumes 1-15, and Ted Ballard’s cumulative index through Volume 42. John K. Robertson and Louraine I. Robertson developed the initial online index completing it through Volume 60. Shep Paine, Dave Sullivan, Bob McDonald, Jim Ronan, and Linnea Bass have provided comments, helpful suggestions, etc., many of which are incorporated. Fred Gaede has worked with us to test and improve the search coding. René Chartrand has graciously helped correct missing and incorrect international characters in the journal citations.

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