Company Fellows

President Steven Henry presenting a fellowship to Laurence Munnikhuysen III
Fellows Class of 2011

Each year at the annual meeting of The Company of Military Historians, the Board of Governors may designate a member as a Fellow of The Company of Military Historians.

Article 5 of the Bylaws states:
Section 1. Any active or Honorary Mem­ber who, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, has clearly demonstrated substantial and positive accomplish­ments in one or more fields of activity for which The Company was orga­nized; or who has displayed outstand­ing enterprise in furthering the welfare of The Company or the success of its programs, may be designated as a “Fel­low of The Company” in recognition and reward.

Section 2. The Board of Governors shall establish criteria for selection of Fel­lows of The Company.
Under Article 5, Section 2 of the By­laws, past Boards of Governors have made two decisions relative to the selection of Fellows:
1. The nominee shall have been a member of The Company for at least two full years.
2. The number of Fellows will be re­stricted, not to exceed 12% of the total active membership of The Company.

Any member of The Company of Military Historians may nominate another member for Fellow. Nominations are sent to the Chairman of the Fellows Committee who, with the assistance and advice of the full Committee, makes recommendations to the Board of Governors, which selects those persons most worthy of the honor “Fellow.”

Because of the size of The Company and the wide variety of the skills of its members, it is no longer possible for members of the Fellows Committee to be personally acquainted with the record and skills of those nominated for Fellowship each year. Therefore, it has become neces­sary to establish guidelines for nomina­tions based upon the selection criteria approved by the Board of Governors and used by the Fellows Committee. The criteria have been designed to give each member of The Company, no matter what his/her special field of interest or individual skills, an equal opportunity of becoming a Fellow of The Company of Military Historians.

The Board of Governors adopted “new criteria” at their fall meeting on 13 November 2004. The new criteria which will be used for the selection of Fellows is as follows.
Candidates will be scored in two categories: Contributions to The Company and contributions to military history in general. A nominee may receive up to a total of 100 points.

  1. Direct contributions to The Company of Military Historians; for a total of 50 possible points.
    Points will be awarded based upon the activities within the categories.
    • A nominee is expected to have contributions in multiple categories.
    • The following are examples of contributions to CMH:
    a. An author of Journal articles
    b. An author of MUIA plate texts
    c. An artist for MUIA
    d. A member of the editorial staff of MC&H or MUIA
    e. Committee work
    f. Service as a CMH Governor or Officer
    g. Participation in Annual Meetings
    h. Participation in Chapter activities
    i. Contributions to the CMH web site and other electronic media
    j. Contributions to CMH, not here listed
    k. Contributions to the field of military history that call attention to The Company
    l. Extraordinary service to The Company-above and beyond the ordinary
  2. Contributions to the field of military history not directly related to CMH; for a total of 50 possible points.
    • Points will be awarded based upon the weight of activities within the categories.
    • A nominee is expected to have contributions in multiple categories.
    • The following are examples of contributions to military history:
    a.An educator-one who dispenses knowledge through methods other than as an author
    b. A researcher-one who contributes original research to the field of military history
    c. A collector-one who acquires objects pertaining to military history, with the aims of study and research to increase knowledge and to use that knowledge to better understand the objects and their context.
    d. An author of books on military history
    e. An author of articles on military history published in sources other than The Company Journal
    f. An illustrator of books or articles on military history not published by CMH
    g. An artist of military illustrations
    h. For other contributions to the field of military historyIn order that the Committee may fairly judge and recommend each candidate for Fellow, it is essential that it have the necessary information to make the proper evaluation. It is up to the member or mem­bers making the nomination to provide this information.
    Members making nominations should be sure that the information they provide to the Fellows Committee is sufficient for the Committee to judge the nominee in all the categories that are applicable. Titles of articles and evidence which would assist the Committee in rating the nominee should be given.

Nominations are due by July 1st and should be submitted directly to:

Bill Emerson, Chair, Fellows Committee, 124 Kensington Drive, Madison, AL 35758

A complete list of Company Fellows is below. The list is searchable and sortable.