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Company of Military Historians
US Membership Options

US Membership – Individual – $60.00
US Membership – Family – $70.00
US Membership – Student – $25.00
US Membership – Individual w/ MUIA Plates – $95.00 UNAVAILABLE
US Membership – Family w/ MUIA Plates – $105.00 UNAVAILABLE
US Membership – Student w/ MUIA Plates – $60.00 UNAVAILABLE
US Life Membership – $1000.00
Complete run of Military Collector & Historian on USB flash drive – $100.00
Add $25.00 for first-class mail delivery of Company Journal
Add $10 donation to the Journal (may select multiple times)

Institutional subscriptions to the Company publications are available to organizations such as business firms, government agencies, learning centers, libraries, military units, and museums are invited to subscribe. No subscriptions are offered through any commercial agency. For more information contact the Company Administrator.

Institutional subscription            $60.00

Institutional subscription with MUIA plates    UNAVAILABLE     $95

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